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Indian Dental Association (IDA) has launched a revolutionary web site which brings world- class content by key experts and covers the latest on technology, innovations and the best practices in the field of dentistry. Public Webinars section is for those people who want to learn more about oral health care.
Important Tips
What, after all, is ORAL HEALTH?
“Many of us neglect our oral health, little to realise the number of diseases that could arise due to poor hygiene and unhealthy eating habits”
Why you must know your tooth
The tooth is an important part of the human anatomy and a critical element of our facial make-up. The way our teeth are aligned can make or mar our appearance
Common Dental Disease
Dental diseases, caused mostly by our habits and an unhealthy diet, are often not taken seriously
Oral health and general health
The mouth mirrors the overall health status of a person as many ailments manifest in it onset, progression and management.
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